The YLA Sessions - Jonas Carping

Moonlight Parade

from new album

"The YLA Sessions"

- a live in-studio recording

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The YLA Sessions

The YLA Sessions” is Jonas Carpings fourth album. It's a live-in-studio recording. Honest and raw. "The YLA Sessions" is released digitally and available across all platforms.

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Moonlight Parade - Lyrics

Hit the ground running
though we might not get far
we might get further than them, and
at least that’s a start

these endless streets
at the dead ends we all meet
briefly, then carry on down the road
for those who are lost to the cause

We’ll see things they’ll never see

Turn your headlights on
light me up another cigarette
tomorrow we’ll be gone
unacclaimed, the long road featurette
Bring your heroes along
we can drive for miles and miles
tomorrow, well that’s a different day
the night is young, and we’re not yet blown away
’cross the sky, on our moonlight parade

Illusions of fear
up vanity fair
saddle up and be gone,
all you masters of none

settle in and behold
brace and brackets they will all fold
when the lights go out down the stairs
beware of the frailty of some

From the days of the days of the ageless and the young

Turn your headlights on...

A sole desire to know
whereto it all flows
I’ll be hopeless and dumb
maybe later she’ll show

I’ve dreamt of the future and,
I’ve learned to live with the past
I know most things simply just don’t last
but it doesn’t make us like them

An acquisition in the waste of the haste
an obligation to face those we’ve praised

Turn your headlights on...

words & music by Jonas Carping

The YLA Sessions Album Credits

Jonas Carping | Vocals & Guitar
Sigrid Carping | Vocals

Amir Aly | Producer
Marco Padoan | Cover Art Photography



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