The YLA Sessions - Jonas Carping

The YLA Sessions

- a live in-studio recording

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"The YLA Sessions" CD

The YLA Sessions CD


The YLA Sessions

Jonas Carping is an independent artist based in Sweden. ”The YLA Sessions” is Jonas' fourth album. It's a live-in-studio recording. Honest and raw.
"The YLA Sessions" was released digitally on Feb 17th 2021 and is available across all digital music platforms.
The CD release date is April 17 2024.

Title: The YLA Sessions
Format: CD
Release Date: April 17, 2024

1. The Wire
2. Out of Reach
3. Moonlight Parade
4. Forgiven
5. The Straight Line
6. God's Gonna Cut You Down
7. New Year Lights (The YLA Version)*
8. Love Supreme*

* CD bonus tracks

The YLA Sessions Album Credits

Jonas Carping | Vocals & Guitar
Sigrid Carping | Vocals

Amir Aly | Producer
Marco Padoan | Cover Art Photography
Hicke Jakobsen | CD Cover Design


The YLA Sessions Lyrics

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Out of Reach Lyrics
Moonlight Parade Lyrics


The Wire



Time Will Tell from "The Porch Sessions" (Strangers, 2020)


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