New Single "Change"

New single "Change" out on October 27 2022, check it out here:

Jonas Carping - Change


"The YLA Sessions" - Extraction of reviews / interviews

Maverick Magazine

Maverick Magazine

"A prime example of how less can be be more"

- "The YLA Sessions" reviewed by Maverick Magazine, read the full review here:
Maverick Magazine

BreackThru Radio Interview and BTR Live Studio at Home performance

Breakthru Radio - BTR Today Interview

3 song performance with full interview about The YLA Sessions and music in general is now available at the excellent BreakThru Radio (US).

Fresh On The Net

"The result is a pine-scented slice of Country Noir with an expansive sound that’s as elegant as it is mournful"

- Moonlight Parade from "The YLA Sessions" featured on the great Fresh On The Net (UK) new music blog. Check out the selection and full review here:
Fresh On The Net

Feb 2021

"The YLA Sessions" - Out on Feb 17th

- a live in-studio recording

The YLA Sessions

Pre-order now:

Jonas Carping bandcamp

Jan 2021

New single "The Wire" is set for release on Jan 27 2021 - Out Now

The Wire - Lyrics

The Wire is the single from upcoming album "The YLA Sessions". "The YLA Sessions" is released on February 17 2021 and open for pre-orders. You get an instant download of new single "The Wire" when pre-ordering the album through bandcamp:

Moonlight Parade - Lyrics

- pre-order the new album The YLA Sessions at bandcamp


Aug 2020

New album "Strangers" is set for release on Sep 17 2020

July 2020

New single "Fault In Your Stars" out now

Listen Here

Listen Now:


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